Davina Zagury received her B.A. in photography from the Camera Obscura School, Israel in 1999. Davina is an
internationally recognized photographer. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and received praise from such
magazines as dailycandy.com, NY metro and many more. In 2003 she moved to New York to pursue her career
and continue her own artistic exploration. The passion and warmth she carries is evident in her children and
family portraits. Her playfulness is expressed in an ongoing series of images, in which she imbues everyday
objects with new life and character. For over 15 years Davina has photographed weddings.
Additional work can be seen at www.davinaz.com & www.davinafeinberg.com



Shai Zagury recieved his B.A. in Graphic Design/Visual Arts from the Wizo college of design, Israel in 2001.
Throughout his life journey and travels, Shai has realized that his passion for life, color and music are a big
part of who he is and play a central role in the way he shoots and edits video. Shai has worked closely with
Davina, his wife and partner, since 1999, creatively guiding and assisting in filming the weddings.
When filming a wedding, Shai has the talent to see below the surface, and he tells a unique and dynamic
tale of each couple and wedding.
Additional work can be seen at www.shaizagury.com



Shai and Davina bring their varied creative strengths and personal connection to provide you with the perfect
magical tailored tale of your big day.